September 26th, 2011

Lachwen Lightning Girl

A Long But Productive Day

Despite what this video may claim, it's not actually auroras seen from space:

It's actually Lachwen hitting level 65. Here's a closer version:

Lachwen hits 65

The question now is, can she get to the previous end of Volume III in time to be ready to roll on Tuesday? To which the answer is, "probably not," but y'know, it'll be close enough that I won't mind making the transition.

In other news, one of the things I've been working hard on with Arclight Adventures is practicing what I preach, re: having a buffer built up. To wit, today I sent wyatt1048 for coloring another page that will run in January. ;) At the risk of tooting my own horn, I've been quite pleased with how the Arclight pages are coming out. I've been working very diligently to put only my best work into them (which sometimes calls for a lot of erasing, alas!), and I can see (and feel) my art improving as a result.

Of course, there's nothing I'm doing with Arclight that a pro comic artist doesn't do better and faster, but still, for me at least it's a new and exciting feeling to not be intimidated by the thought of "Great googily-moogily, how could I ever pull off drawing that?" I commented once upon a time about how having Sue doing the art for NeverNever freed up my writing because I didn't feel like I had to worry about whether or not the artist could pull it off -- whatever it was, I knew that Sue could do it.

That's where I want to get with my own art, and with the results I've been seeing so far, I think I just may actually get there -- eventually. :) I'm not quite there now, I've got some pages coming up that frankly have got me nervous, but once upon a time the idea of doing even the first splash page would have felt like it was something totally out of my league. So I'm definitely making progress!

But for now, bed. G'nite, everybody, and have an awesome tomorrow!

-The Gneech

PS: Just for my own memory, here was my other LotRO achievement: "Lachwen scored a devastating hit with Epic Conclusion on the Tham Úmdúr Blood-warrior for 2,217 Lightning damage to Morale." :D
Jeeves Strangle


“He’s wearing fuchsia,” said Brigid.

Greg, looking up from his Franjipani sandwich, scanned the shop briefly before spotting the offender, a skinny guy in his early 20s with an electric-red stripe in his blonde hair, a fuchsia T-shirt with a random logo of a giant gear with wings that had been artificially weathered, and baggy white cargo shorts. “Oh, him,” said Greg, turning back to his sandwich. “Perhaps he just stepped out of an anime.”

“He’s wearing fuchsia!” said Brigid again.

“Are you referring to his shirt, his hair, or both?”

“Guys are not allowed to wear fuchsia,” Brigid asserted.

“Don’t care for fuchsia, eh?” said Greg.

“It’s bad enough that women wear it,” said Brigid. “We can’t have guys running around wearing it, too!”

“You tool of the patriarchy, you,” said Greg.

“Listen, Mr. Sartorial Agony, you should be right on the same page with me about this. The guy is a disaster! I should be having to restrain you from going over there and forcibly putting a Harris tweed on him.”

“No, that’s not how it works at all,” said Greg. “While it’s true that Bishounen Chic isn’t a combination I would choose for myself, it is, nevertheless, a cultivated look. That kid didn’t dress that way by accident. He has a style, and he’s expressing it. For all that fuchsia is a poke in the eye, sartorially speaking he is still on much higher moral ground than the guy who slobs around in a pocket tee and jeans because he can’t be bothered to pay attention to what he wears. Fashion A-plus? No. But definitely a passing grade.”

Brigid stared at Greg for a long second, one of her patented “What planet are you from?” looks. Then finally said, “…But he’s wearing fuchsia.”

“Yes,” said Greg. “I understand that, and I’m sorry it causes you such pain. But I’m afraid you’re just going to have to live with it.”

-The Gneech

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Kero Talkie WTF

Because It Needs Remembering

Warning: This doesn't make sense if you didn't see the season opener of MLP:FIM.

Additional Warning: It also doesn't make sense if you did.

Earlier today, on Twitter...

@the_gneech: People give @mlp_Rarity grief about that rock...but how many people totally fell in love with the Companion Cube from Portal? #mlpfim #brony

@WhatTheFrost: @the_gneech @mlp_rarity "That Rock" has a name, you know.

@the_gneech: @WhatTheFrost @mlp_rarity You mean @mlp_Tom? I'm pretty sure that's some delusional Twitter user. ¬.¬

@WhatTheFrost: @the_gneech @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom I think there's more to him than that.

@the_gneech: @WhatTheFrost @mlp_rarity I dunno ... there's a certain creepy "Party of One" vibe to @mlp_Tom ... could it be a @mlp_Pinkie sock puppet?

@WhatTheFrost: @the_gneech @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom @mlp_pinkie No, there's more than a bit of web ventriloquism.Within every rock beats the heart of a diamond

@the_gneech: @WhatTheFrost @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom @mlp_pinkie Since when do diamonds have hearts? (Insert joke about going to Club Spade here.) #PokerJokes

@WhatTheFrost: @the_gneech @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom @mlp_pinkie That's a cruel thing to say. I suppose next you'll say sacks of flour don't have hearts.

@the_gneech: @WhatTheFrost @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom @mlp_pinkie Ummm ... in my version of reality, they don't. Did you take the bus to creepytown? O.o

@WhatTheFrost: @the_gneech @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom @mlp_pinkie That's just not nice. :<

@the_gneech: @WhatTheFrost @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom @mlp_pinkie If sacks of flour had hearts, how could you bake without committing murder???

@WhatTheFrost: @the_gneech @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom @mlp_pinkie Isn't that where the phrase "delicious murder" comes from? Besides, Artichokes have hearts.

@the_gneech: @WhatTheFrost @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom @mlp_pinkie Artichoke hearts are metaphorical, not literal. And murder is the ultimate "not nice"!

He didn't have an answer for that one!

-The Gneech

PS: Addendum! Frosty just followed up with this:

@WhatTheFrost: @the_gneech @mlp_rarity @mlp_tom @mlp_pinkie okay, fine. But I still vote that Tom has some diamond in him.
Rainbow Dash 20% Cooler

Button of Charisma +4 Now Available!

GnomeCo Publications' Button of Charisma +4: You Are Now 20% CoolerShameless plugging time! I’ve had the Button of Charisma +2 for over a year now, and some of you might be wanting an upgrade. So GnomeCo Publications proudly presents the Button of Charisma +4! Become 20% cooler in ten seconds flat! :D This lovely button looks snazzy, goes into the ‘body’ slot (sorcerers take note!) and is an untyped bonus, so it stacks! Click on the picture to buy, or come find me in the Furry Marketplace at Further Confusion 2012.

-The Gneech

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