September 28th, 2011

Leonard machismo

Workout Report, Plus Some Random Art Throughts

Tonight was my "one set at +15 lbs" routine, something I toss in there every four trips or so (when going regularly) to fight off plateau-ing (is that a word?) and just generally keep myself interested.

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Weight: 331 lbs

Special guest jerks at the gym this week were the "sloppy routine and slam your weights" guy and the guy who decided that he and the cable cross machine were BFFs and camped there for 20 minutes.

Anyway, Regarding Art...

Now I see what people mean when they talk about doing fan art for exposure. Crashing the Party was talked up by the Twitterponies, but was also featured on several MLP fan groups on DeviantArt, which then of course got it spread out to other fan groups, and so on. As of this post (Ding! Just got added to another group while I was composing...) this one image has half of all of the "Favorites" I've ever received on DA and approximately 75% of all the views. In short, that one image is more popular than the rest of my DA account put together.

First off, it's very gratifying that so many people like it so much. :D I do my art with the intent to make people happy, so I can certainly consider this one "mission accomplished." :) I also picked up a few more watchers (who knows if they'll stay) and received a fair number of nice comments, which are always welcome.

On the other hand, as Darc Sowers recently pointed out, a spike is not a trend. All those bazillions of people came to my page because they're fans of MLPFIM, not because they have an affinity for Artwork By Gneech. The best I can hope for is that some of them will poke around a little and discover said affinity, which would certainly be welcome but I ain't bettin' on it.

(My other alternative, to keep the stats up, would be to keep cranking out fairly high-level MLPFIM fanart, preferably using one or two of the mane six combined with a periphery character or two, in order to maximize the fan appeal! ...Yeah, that pretty much isn't gonna happen. I drew this piece for the love of it -- the fact that it also happens to push a lot of the right fandom buttons is a nice bonus, but isn't what the pic was about.)

The point of all this, in as much as there is one (Ding! Another group featured it! Fun.), is that I'm grateful and honored that so many people liked the pic so much, and I hope some of them will stick around for more -- but it would be foolish of me to expect results like this to be a regular thing and I'm not going to go chasing it. This piece was a tribute to the efforts of some performers I enjoy (i.e., the Twitterponies) and some characters that I love, plus another exercise in my continuing quest to be free of the tyranny of my own art style, if that makes any sense. For me, the big success of this piece is that it came out like I wanted to, as opposed to just being "the closest I could get." Getting a ton of views and faves is gravy. :)

-The Gneech

Writer's Block: Internet addictions

Besides LJ, what websites are you always surfing?
Most of the websites I peruse, I have my LJ set up to consume their RSS feed, so I can use my LJ friends list for 85% or so of my web surfing. Beyond that...

I also have accounts on Facebook and Google+, but I only check them periodically. I expect to have a page on Diaspora in the not-too-distant future, just to be thorough.

-The Gneech