September 29th, 2011


Time for a New Icon...?

And now it's time for another edition of YOU'RE THINKING WAY TOO MUCH ABOUT THIS, GNEECH.

I like this icon. :) In many ways I feel like it presents the best of my online persona, and also served the double purpose for many years of being an instant reminder of The Suburban Jungle in both style and content.

But, it's getting along in years as icons go, and it's becoming less and less accurate to what I'm like now. I don't wear the fedora much any more, my glasses are tiny little things instead of the big ol' blocks I wore once upon a time, and I haven't done anything with the leonine furry alter-ego in years. (My phenotype has not changed, for those who might wonder, but I don't think about it much these days.) On top of which, my art style has evolved a bit since then, and I'd like my icon to reflect that.

So, I'm thinking it may be time to come up with a new icon ... but I don't know what yet. The obvious way to go, for the marketing of Arclight Adventures, would be some sort of Steampunky Gneech, but the thing is that steampunk, while I enjoy it, is a fairly minor aspect of my interests, and not suited for my default declaration of self. So I'm looking for some other ideas.

Any suggestions, internet brain trust?

-The Gneech