February 5th, 2012

Lachwen Lightning Girl

So What if Obsidian Had Been a Bard All Along? [Pathfinder]

Noodling around with ideas, here. :) What if Obsidian had been created as a bard instead of a wizard? How would it had been different?

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The first thing that comes to mind is that she has a lot more skill points to play with, and is noticeably less frail. And while she doesn't have the case full of scrolls any more, she doesn't really need it as much because she can Inspire Courage, do damage directly with her ear-piercing scream or act indirectly via summon monster.

She also had enough skill points to put one into Craft (Jewelry), which is purely there for flavor. It's what she does as her "day job" when not out adventuring.

I had the idea of her still carrying the case full of blasty scrolls and activating them with Use Magic Device... but the DCs on that are so prohibitive that it would probably be a waste of money. Just to cast burning hands from a scroll has a DC of 21, which means she'd have to roll 14+. Given how badly I roll dice, that'd just be a recipe for burning up money.

Anyway, the net result is actually not all that different-- other than the scrolls in her inventory (and telling an NPC that she's a wizard) there's nothing she's done in the game that is incompatible with having been a bard the whole time, if we just assuming she had an amazing streak with her Use Magic Device rolls. when level-up time comes, I might retrain her retroactively as a bard, assuming jamesbarrett doesn't object. I don't really want her to multiclass between wizard and bard, tho... it's just too diluting.

-The Gneech