April 3rd, 2012


The Weirdness of a Writer's Brain

Anybody interested in writing would do well to keep an eye on jimvanpelt. And today he posted a very cool piece called The Weirdness of a Writer's Brain, which I recommend you read in full, not only because it's a cool article, but also because it features a huorn slapping Dorothy. Anyway, here's a teaser...

One of my colleagues at the high school, a biology teacher, asked me what I was writing at the moment, and I made the mistake of telling her enthiastically about this piece I'm working on that combines SETI, kids' card games, and romantic comedy. I wasn't two minutes into it before her brow furrowed up, and she said, "Mostly I think about how much weeding my garden is going to take this year and when I'll get a chance to get the family together this summer. You have a weird brain."

I resemble that remark!

-The Gneech