May 11th, 2012


Igor, the Modified Henchman

So, this image popped up on my watches last night:

Igor the Modified Henchman by *Gworeth on deviantART

And I couldn't help it... this song popped into my head:

Igor the modified henchman
had a very horrid arm
and if you looked at him sideways
it would do your sanity harm

All of the other henchmen
used to laugh and call him names
they never let poor Igor
join in any henchman games

Then one horrid Hallow's Eve
Cthulhu came to say
"Igor with your arm so foul
won't you wear my High Priest's cowl?"

Then how the henchmen loved him
as they shouted maddeningly,
"Igor the modified henchman,
you've blasted all my sanity!"

You've blaaaasted all my saaaaaaniiiiiiityyyyy!

And now... it's in your head. Mwuhahahahahaa!

-The Gneech