June 16th, 2012

Torey Rave

OMG AnthroCon

Well today has been a heck of a day. After hitting Starbucks for breakfast, we headed to the dealer room to finish getting set up and generally scope out the room (and nab desired commissions) before the general attendees were let in. In very short order I had commissions from Jen Seng, Redkam, and Darc Sowers, which were awesome and will be scanned and posted later. I also had a shirt for laurie_robey and one for myself from Off-World Designs (since I won't be going to Dragon*Con this year, so couldn't get one from them there), as well as some comics I've never seen before and a couple of Sgt. Frog buttons... all before the room opened.

I bailed on the "Philosophy of Cute" panel, on the grounds that I already in theory know about things like "Big eyes, small mouth!" and would be going mainly out of curiosity, while the opening hour of the dealer room can sometimes be a bunch of key sales all at once. This was borne out to a certain extent by the fact that my blank sketchbooks sold out within the first hour. O.o (Granted, I only had three, but still!)

And in a lot of ways, that set the tone for the day! The Twilight and Dashie Crash the Party prints sold out, some of my button styles sold out, I sold multiple sets of books, and people kept flinging sketchbooks at my head. By the end of the first day, I'd already made more than half of what I made at last year's AC, not counting the credit purchases and over $100 worth of homework to be paid when it's picked up tomorrow.

In short, I made a pile of money today. O.o Which totally made me feel better about all the money I spent on commissions and shirts! ;)

Even better, lowen_kind (who's sitting next to me in the dealer room) and I were completely blown away when level_head appeared out of nowhere at us! Holy cats. If you'd asked me to name a hundred people I might guess to be at the con, he would not have been on the list! This was followed up shortly by the appearance of camstone, whose appearance was not a surprise particularly, but welcome all the same.

II've also gotten to meet several #TwitterPonies, many more than I knew were coming, and some of whom I knew from other contexts and didn't know they were #TwitterPonies! :D

After the room finally closed, sirfox and I grabbed some dinner (a very mediocre reuben, I'm sad to say, considering the place claims to be famous for its corned beef) and eventually made our way to the Dealers/Staff Artshow Reception. I actually bid on a few pieces, which is something I almost never do, mostly because I thought the pieces really deserved better bids than they had, or because I thought laurie_robey would like the piece. There were a couple of pieces I would have kinda-sorta liked for myself, but they were prints, I knew where to find them online if I really wanted to look at them, and at least one was an adult piece (*cough*) that really wouldn't have had a good place to call home at my house anyway.

The rest of the evening was spent on homework, give or take a little rum-and-coke, but alas I still have something like four pieces left I need to get done in the morning. I will have to prioritize to try to get as many of them done before the Dealer Room opens as possible, and put the more time-consuming ones later in the queue. We also need to get the scanner/printer up and running in the a.m. in order to replenish the prints that sold out.

(Dude. Some of my prints sold out. /|^3^|\ SO AWESOME.)

So in order to facilitate that early morning, I need to hit the hay now. G'nite world, and have an awesome tomorrow.

-The Gneech

PS: Yes, Greg, you can post that image.

So all in all it's been a day of going "OMG!" and lots of happy