June 17th, 2012

Kero asleep

I've Got the Moose-Like Stagger, I've Got the MooOOooOOoose-Like Stagger....

So yesterday was kind of a frustrating day. Sales at the table were decidedly sluggish, which was kind of a bummer after Friday was so huge, but even worse was the drama of the printer. My test-drive at home of the wifi connection to the iPad was smooth as silk, but apparently didn't take into account the fact that wifi provided by convention halls and travel hotels is a wonky and temperamental thing.

All day in the dealer room, the printer kept connecting-then-dropping over and over again, meaning it could not succeed at any task that inolved transferring data-- meaning, it could not succeed at any task. Later in the room, both printer and iPad could see the network beautifully, but neither could see each other. Finally, after 45 minutes on the phone w/ the Marriott help desk guys, the conclusion was reached that, "I dunno, I can't see any reason why it's not working. Some sort of problem with the Client Isolation settings, I guess."

To his credit, the Marriott help desk guy really was trying. And he did eventually enable us to proceed by making it possible for sirfox's laptop to talk to the printer.

Hooray! ...What do you mean you're out of cyan? *facepalm*

Net result: After fighting with it all day, we managed to scan two pictures with it. Hail the conquering heroes.

Anyhow! That's all behind me now. We're headed downstairs to have breakfast with T'Chall, and from there it's checkout and back to the dealer room for what I'm hoping will be a more prosperous day. Then tonight... home! Yay. I miss laurie_robey and mah kitties!

-The Gneech
Drezzer cool

Home From Another AnthroCon!

Another AnthroCon is in the can! Today went much better than yesterday, I’m happy to say, even if it did involve a lot of running around trying to get stuff done on schedules and dealing with that one really annoying member of the Dorsai who refused to take yes for an answer when I was trying to clear out of the Dealer Room at the end of the day. (Normally I love, love, love the Dorsai, but for this gal, I’ll make an exception.)

I’ll do a detailed postmortem later, but sales-wise, this con was solid. Still a couple hundred down from my Best Con Ever, but way, way better than my last few have been. It was also a big success art-wise. I did some really elaborate original-media pieces for Spiritwolf and T’Chall that I was quite pleased with (and so were they, even better!), as well as a lot of stuff that was just plain fun. I also met a big ol’ pile of #TwitterPonies, found a bunch of new artists to follow on DA/FA, got some very cool pieces of art in my sketchbooks, and even won a piece of art by M.C.A. Hogarth from the art show.

I also introduced a few new readers to Suburban Jungle and got several comments along the lines of “OMG, you’re The Gneech! I love Suburban Jungle and/or NeverNever! It’s so great to meet you!” This, as you might guess, was a tremendous ego boost, something I can always use. ^.^ I also got some interesting ideas for theoretical “next projects,” none of which are beyond the “few doodles in the sketchbook” phase yet, but which I’m at least having fun thinking about.

The “Ponies vs. Daleks” portfolio was a nice success; I was also very surprised at how well my other prints were selling. If the #*%@!! printer hadn’t derped on me, both Sirfox and I could have made at least a few more sales along those lines. Granted, the profit point on prints is not real high for me, but the fact that someone wants a print of my work still jazzes me up something fierce.

Anyhow! It’s been a long drive home and I’m pretty dang tired, as you might guess, so I’ll call it a night here for now. I’ll post con art to my DA/FA accounts over the next few days as I get them scanned. All in all, I’d call AC 2012 a success. :)

-The Gneech

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