June 21st, 2012

Kero Bluestreak

Me: "I'm sick of asthma." Doc: "I don't blame you, so am I."

So for those who don't know, my health over the past couple of weeks has gone from "none too robust" to "kinda sucks," mostly related to coughing constantly, being unable to breathe, and generally having my asthma go from mild to awful. I tried to make an appointment w/ my primary care doc, only to be told, "Great! See you in August." ¬.¬ So instead I went to the PPO website and looked up a doc of internal medicine and made an appointment for 10:30 this morning.

Well, long story short, when I finally did see the doctor at 12:45 ¬.¬ I was informed that I have an upper respiratory infection and was given a double-handful of prescriptions. Also my blood pressure, which has for the past five years been bouncing up and down like a yo-yo, is apparently up again, so I was given medication for that and asked to come in for a cardio stress test.

Fortunately, I can't breathe, so it's comforting to think that I'll pass out before having a heart attack.

Anyway. By this time tomorrow I'll have two different types of inhaler, some antibiotics, and a new allergy med. I sure as heck hope this fixes it all. -.-

-The Gneech
It's a Lion

A Thing To Keep In Mind

Back when I created the "Proud To Be a Furry" logo, it was designed to go on a page on the Suburban Jungle website, which eventually got lost after a site migration or two.

I have in the intervening time been meaning to give it its own web page, which I still have in mind to do. But one of the things (besides getting around to it) that's held me back on that is thinking up text to go on it.

I think this might be a good place to start.

Onto the to-do-list it goes!

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