July 5th, 2012


So. There's All This Stuff.

Followup with the doc today re: my respiratory infection. Her prognosis was that's pretty much gone, but she gave me a prescription for some stronger meds for the asthma. She was also quite shocked to find out that the blood pressure prescription she'd given me last time had not shown any benefit-- but that was easily explained by the fact that she hadn't actually given it to me. Oops. So now I'm on blood pressure meds, on top of all the rest, but here's hoping it'll help me chill out and get out of this persistent vacillation between being on edge, or being in a funk.

Assuming the asthma gets whipped into shape, that should give me an energy boost for the next item on the "fix your broken life" agenda, which is to get back into regular exercise. I never completely abandoned exercise, but for the past several months it's been restricted to walks when I could squeeze them in. I'm going to attempt getting up earlier and going in to the gym before work, since the tendency for the last few months was to be too damn tired to go at night. I figure, mornings suck, going to the gym sucks, there's no reason I can't get them both out of the way at once.

Finally, more thoughts are coming together on my "would-be next comic idea," and I'm going to be doing some real work on that in the upcoming weeks as I finish off the rest of the June commissions. One of the big problems I kept having with Arclight Adventures was that the stories I kept coming up with did not match the type of story I wanted to tell with the comic. This isn't unusual for me-- my muse is forever trying to write stuff that I don't want to read. One of the reasons I never write songs, is because I keep ending up with cheesy country/western stuff. So in an effort to get around this problem, I'm going to approach this new idea by saying, "Okay, muse, what do you want to write about?" and seeing what I get.

The other problem with Arclight was that it was sorta taking me too long to get to "the good bits." Although Fagin was the star from the beginning and remained so, the other character in the group that I became most interested in as work progressed, never actually got into the pages that ended up drawn. I think with Arclight, I did too much planning and fretting about planning it out, so that by the time it came to actually draw, all the life was gone out of it. So this time, less planning, less trying to cover all my bases, less trying to optimize, and more just sorta winging it.

I'm also gonna be a little more loose about things like continuity and whether an idea "fits" or not. I want to be able to throw in pop culture references and such (surely there needs to be room for MLP:FIM jokes, right?), which is something I couldn't really bring myself to do with Arclight. So the new setting will be created with that kind of flexibility in mind: I'm thinking for something along the lines of Tale Spin, which at its best had convincing and engaging characters, even if they did occasionally break into musical numbers or make extended Bob Hope/Bing Crosby pastiches.

More than that I shouldn't say now; the first rule of Write Club is that you don't talk about Write Club, and if I talk about the idea too much, it'll be flagged as "done" in my head, which I absolutely don't want. but talking it up at least a little helps me work it out in my head and gets my psyched up about it. So there's definitely a balance that needs to be struck.

Members of my previous beta reading group, assuming you're willing and able, are still welcome to participate as I start moving forward. Watch the usual space for updates-- but not as many as there were for Arclight. I definitely overthunk that one.

-The Gneech