July 22nd, 2012

Me Barbarian

Workout Report (6/6 Bay-BEE!)

Big workout today! Besides being halfway to the One Month Party (w00t), it was changeup day: 1 set of 15 reps each at +15 lbs (or as close to that as I could arrange). It definitely went faster and left me more wiped out by the end, but it also helped me get a feel for where some of my weak areas are.

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Weight: 326 lbs

I wish I felt like I could trust Zippy the Wonder Scale. Today's reading suggests that I've lost 5 pounds since starting, which would not be an unreasonable result... except that Friday morning it said I'd lost 9, which I frankly don't believe. So I'll keep watching the aggregate and see what the doctor's scale says in August.

And now, on to my day! I need to buy a suit today, as I'm going to a wedding in two weeks and don't really have any appropriate garb. (An outdoor wedding. In August. Do you just hate me, wedding couple? Did you plan this all as part of some elaborate vendetta I know nothing of? It's the only explanation that makes sense.)

Also ordering my drawing table and hoping to get some commish work done. Gonna be a busy day! I'd better hit the shower.

Classic Style

Whatever Suits You

I had written off Men's Wearhouse in my suit search, on the grounds that almost everything I ever want to buy there always stops two sizes below mine. As my size changes up or down, their selection does as well, to always maintain this precious balance.

So instead, after checking the Austin Horrible Golf Clothes For Oversize Old Men Big & Tall website and confirming that yes, they are indeed open Sundays from noon until 4:00 p.m., we went over there, only to find a locked door and a sign that said "Closed Sundays in July and August."


Guess they're doing market research out on the golf course. ¬.¬ Whatever they're doing, they're not getting my business.

So in a desperation move, on the way home I went ahead and went into Men's Wearhouse and said to the salesman, "I'm 6'2.5", 33 inseam, 54" chest. Have you got anything for me?" Instead of the regretful, "sorry, we stop two sizes below that" I was expecting, he said, "Of course, sir, step right this way!"

Once jaw was picked up off the floor, I started trying on suits. It turns out that my chest measurement has gone up considerably since the last time I bought a suit (no big surprise, it's been a long time), so I ended up in a 60... with sleeves way too long and trousers falling off completely. Go fig! But the standard procedure is "fit the biggest part and take in the rest," and so that's what we proceeded to do.

I ended up with one of these:

Kenneth Cole Charcoal Suit

...and with their end-of-summer-sale I picked up one of these for +$100:

Jones New York vested windowpane suit

...except in a tweedy gray-brown which for some reason they don't have on the website, but which I quite liked.

A few minutes of fitting and adjusting later, and they were off to the in-house tailor for fitting. I made a point of getting them to add buttons for bracers as well-- if I'm going to spend the money on a nice suit, I'm going all the way and getting it tricked out the way I want. Bracers, pleats, and cuffs, baybeh!

So this time next week, I'll have two very fancy suits and will be ready for the wedding. And Men's Wearhouse made a fairly hefty sale (including two shirts and two pair of bracers to go with the suits), while Austin's Big & Tall will have continued to fail to get any money from me.

The dapper gent has spoken. ;)

-The Gneech