August 10th, 2012

Leonard machismo

Gneech, Shapechanger (Workout Report)

Either my traps and/or delts have bulked up, or my love handles have slimmed down, because my shirts are loosely going "swish-swish" on my lower back in a manner which I find disconcerting. Not bad, just unaccustomed.

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Weight: 321 lbs

I wasn't feeling that great this morning, so I deliberately throttled back on the difficulty for an "easy day." I still kept the weight up on my weakest exercises, tho. I notice that Skippy agrees with himself today. I wonder if I'm getting the hang of using him, or if it's just random.

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Pirate Airship "Turnabout"

Pirate Airship Turnabout by ~the-gneech on deviantART

You can't have air pirates without a pirate airship! DUH. This is the Turnabout, commandeered (well, stolen) from Her Majesty's Airship Corps, now the scourge of the airways.

Concept art for my new comic project. Curious for opinions, besides the obvious "that thing is gonna be a PAIN to draw all the time!"

-The Gneech