August 20th, 2012

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Workout Report

We were at the in-laws' on Sunday, so we didn't do a weekend workout; to rectify this, I made a point of getting up and going today instead.

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Weight: 319 lbs

I seem to have left my biceps down in Tidewater, which is weird because I don't remember using them there. But anything involving them was twice as difficult as it should have been this morning.

Anyway! Time for shower and work. Le sigh.

-The Gneech
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"Sometimes You'll Never Know Why" (Seanan McGuire)

seanan_mcguire: Sometimes You'll Never Know Why
Sometimes, no matter what you do, you're going to offend people. Sometimes you'll never know why.

Things I have done in the past week that someone has found offensive: listened to loud, "weird" music. Had an opinion about whether or not people who aren't me should be allowed to make decisions about my body. Enjoyed bad science fiction. Had my hair highlighted in preparation for the Hugos. Implied that there's a double standard in how women are expected to dress for the Hugos vs. how men are expected to dress for the Hugos. Implied that it's more expensive to be female. Bought children's toys for myself. Bought children's toys for a child. These are just the things I know about mind you, and I only know because in each case, someone told me. I'm not sure why most of these things were offensive. I don't actually want to know. And that, right there, probably offends someone.

I do my best to Marilyn Munster my way through life, leaving fields of happy zombies and sparkly plagues behind me. Sadly, though, nothing is that inoffensive. Not unless it's, say, a rock, and even that will offend, if it gets into somebody's shoe. There is no way to avoid giving offense. Not if you're a thing that actually exists.

And it can be hard, as someone whose audience is largely online, to deal with the thought that I might accidentally offend someone, lose potential readers, and wind up living in a cardboard box next to the creek. My cats aren't supposed to go outside! (This is the "worst case scenario" mindset. It kicks in when I think I've upset someone. My brain is a theme park that hates me.)

This is something I need to remember, myself, particularly when I get hit by one of those "I can tell what the person found offensive, but I can't for the life of me tell what they find offensive about it" moments. Or even better, the "someone is terribly offended at something I didn't say but they think I did," which tends to stick in my craw even worse.

The other thing I've learned the hard way, is there's no point in trying to defend yourself. People dig in and just go after you all the harder. All you can say is "I'm sorry to have offended you" and bow out, regardless of whether you think it's a fair reaction or not.

(Once, when I expressed the opinion that an anthology of "LGBT zombie stories" was a goofy idea, I got all kinds of vitriol from people claiming I hated LGBT folks and wanted to keep them out of literature. Every attempt I made to point out that I hadn't said that, didn't believe that, and resented being told I did, just made two more people jump on the "Gneech hates gays" bandwagon. Eventually there was nothing to do for it but walk away.)

Of course, if you do think they have a fair point, acknowledge and own up to that. Truth is more important than your pride.

-The Gneech
Rainbow Dash Fightin'

Bronies, We Are Disappoint

Bronies, We Are Disappoint by ~the-gneech on deviantART


Michelle Creber, the underage VA who allegedly had horrible things thrown at her at EverfreeNW, posted to her Twitter account that no such thing happened, and in a scenario like this, where the accuser claims to have witnessed something firsthand, but the alleged victim says "nothing happened," it all quickly falls into doubt. If the core of the argument is false, the rest is immediately suspect.

So, I'll come right out and say it. I may have been taken in by a troll. I don't think it's as simple as that, but I have nothing to base this on but my own gut instinct and the general tendency of all fandoms to circle the wagons where issues of gender, race, or basically not being a jackass are involved.

But I have to admit here that, as a commenter pointed out, I have my own confirmation bias to account for as well. I have on occasion been treated like crap by people flying the "brony" flag myself; I have also facepalmed at complaints about humanized Twilight being depicted as black, been creeped out by horribly fetishized pony art that I stumbled on while looking for references, and groaned at self-appointed (and apparently unchallenged) spokespeople for the fandom shamelessly egging on Lauren Faust/John De Lancie/Tara Strong to "Tell us MORE about how awesome bronies are!"

So yeah, it was very easy for me to believe the OP. If she is a troll just expertly pushing my buttons, then shame on her for pushing them and shame on me for allowing them to be pushed. But the fact remains that those buttons are there, and they didn't come from nothing.

Anyway. I didn't want to just leave all this hanging there. Michelle Creber has said that she was treated nothing but wonderfully at the con and I believe her. The rest is all hearsay.

-The Gneech


So, yeah. Not cool.

For more details, see

Keep in mind that the fandom is not the show, and the show is not the fandom. Don't let one spoil your love for the other.

That said... GAH. Nothing sours my enjoyment of the show like bronies. -.-

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