September 16th, 2012


"I Am Not Beingk Afraid of Ghosts, Da?"

Another session of my Ghostbusters campaign successfully achieved, with new player QuillyPen, coming in as Vaseli "Vasyav" Yavabavinivitz, the fresh-off-the-boat nephew of sirfox's twitchy Russian mad scientist, Ivan Yavabavinivitz. Yasyav is apparently from Crapsack Russia (which is just over the border from actual Russia), having spent most of the game engaging in Yakov Smirnoff-esque asides such as "In my homeland, we also have Smurfs. It is about heroic wizard Gargamel who attempts to save world from Smurf invasion. Not one episode has happy ending."

sirfox was away for this session-- I shudder to think what it will be like when Ivan and Vasyav get together. O.o

The adventure itself was basically "Ghostbusters in Toyland" from Greywolf's Savage Ghostbusters conversion, tweaked to fit my own Savage World of Ghostbusters conversion. The ghost of a child who died in a long-forgotten Cold War-era fallout shelter kidnapped a living "playmate," and it was up to the Ghostbusters to find and rescue her.

The session was a lot of fun, but the characters definitely took a beating. Some of that was because the dice/cards seemed to hate them-- they kept Rolling a Ghost on critical rolls, and had one critically-blown Fear check that took jamesbarrett out in the first round of the big fight at the end. (They did eventually get him back on his feet and into the action, but it definitely softened them up.) Quilly also managed to accidentally blast hantamouse at a really bad time, knocking him out of the fight for a bit too.

Savage Worlds is also just kinda like that-- instead of tracking hit points, characters are either "Up, Down, or Off the Table," which means it's easy to go from "fresh as a daisy" to "out of the fight" with a single solid hit.

Still, the action was loose, wild, and fun, and it all felt very "Ghostbustersey," which is of course the point. I gave the players an opportunity for an Interlude during the "stakeout and watch for ghostly activity" section of the adventure-- which is basically a "randomly-determined rules-formalized roleplaying moment" subsystem of Savage Worlds, but only Quilly took advantage of it. (laurie_robey tried to take advantage as well, but drew a Heart, basically "Have your character talk about something they want or desire." After thinking it through, laurie_robey said, "Lola's a goth who's got her own Ghostbusters franchise. What more could she want?")

So! Fun game. Good night. :) Next week is Intervention, so no game then. The week after that might be jamesbarrett's Pathfinder, or it might be the actual second session of my Fortress of Tears game (if any of us can remember it!). That will require some serious prep tho, so I'm not sure at this stage if it will happen or not. We'll see.

Meanwhile, g'nite world, and have an awesome tomorrow.

-The Gneech