January 6th, 2013

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New Comic Progress

Five pages of layouts done over the past few days, as well as some more development sketches besides the ones I did the other day. That's on top of a quickie inking exercise and taking care of laurie_robey, who was quite ill today.

I think, perhaps, that I may be back in the swing of things. :) I'm likin' this. (Well, not the laurie_robey being ill part. But the rest is good!)

-The Gneech
Taishi Conquest

Writing Comics Is Hard. Also, Water Is Wet.

My biggest struggle with writing comics (well, second biggest, after actually coming up with a story) is that I am a very wordy writer. I always want to shove giant chunks of dialog into whatever I’m writing. I can’t help it– I’m a very texty sort of guy, and I do a lot of my expression of character through dialog. Take for instance, this interchange from the piece I’m working on now:

Tanya: It was a shantak. C’mon, we need to move before the surprise wears off and it just gets mad.

Verity: But… I need to stay put, they’ll be looking for me…

Tanya: Ha! You bet it will! And you don’t want to be here when it does.

That’s all in one panel! Granted, the panel takes up a quarter of the page, but still, it’s a lot of dialog to fit into one comic panel, but in the scope of my writing, it’s a tiny little piece.

The panel size limitation is probably a very healthy thing for me as a writer, as it forces me to economy. Of any given script I write, when I have acres of blank screen to write on, probably a good 10-20% of the words get chopped as I do layouts by simple virtue of having to force the story into pages and panels.

The problem comes when I get to a passage that I just don’t think can be chopped without losing an important piece. In that situation, I end up having to break chunks of dialog up into multiple panels, or squeezing a ton of exposition into a tiny space because I’ve run out of room.

The main thing I’ve got to remember as I go is to be prepared for things to take more panels (and therefore more pages) than I expect as I’m writing them, and plan accordingly. I can’t expect to tell a full story in an 8-page teaser, for instance, and I certainly can’t expect a single page to cover more than one plot point.

-The Gneech

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Taishi Conquest

The Last Bit of Blather About Comics This Weekend

I've done layouts for 11 pages, which is all of the script I've got so far. Assuming a publication rate of 1 page/week, that's almost three months' worth.

I need more scripts! I don't want to draw actual pages until I've got at least 16 pages of layout and 24 pages' worth of script (i.e., a complete 1st issue).

On the other hand, this is already more than I had of Arclight Adventures. I'm taking this as a good sign. If I can keep up the current rate of progress (or at least something like it), a launch by AnthroCon is a real possibility. I'm not making any commitments yet, tho-- there's still a lot of development to be done.

Meanwhile, bedtime. G'nite, world, and have an awesome tomorrow. :)