February 21st, 2013

Alex Spaz

Lazy Harp Seal Has No Job

Lazy harp seal has no job
Lazy harp seal has no money
See his earnings: they are meager
He's lacking in business acumen

Look at me, I've got a fancy camera
The lens is big and it cost a lot
Look at me in my nice yellow jacket
The color is a special order; it was hard to find

Lazy harp seal has no camera
Not even a simple point-and-shoot
Foolishly he sits there smiling
Even though he has no jacket

See him there, goofing around
He does not behave proactively
Many girls, they seem to like him
I find the situation frustrating

Lazy harp seal has no job
Lazy harp seal has no money
Lazy harp seal has no camera
Lazy harp seal has no jacket
seasonal 2013

Three Positive Things Today

  1. Sunny day today!

  2. Finished "reading" (well, listening to the audiobook) of Right Ho, Jeeves! This counts as my first book read for the year, leaving me one behind on my resolution to read a book per month this year, but it's still one more than the number of books I'd read last week.

  3. Came up with what I think may be a good title for the new comic! (Technically this happened yesterday, but the point of the exercise is to think of positive things, not be a slave to the calendar.)

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