March 2nd, 2013

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Cat Fights and Gneechy Funks

Earlier this week, Dasher got into a scrape with a neighborhood cat. Since Buddha and Dasher are both FIV+ (the feline equivalent of HIV+), we limit their time outside and try to keep them away from other cats at all times, to prevent them from spreading it-- but sometimes they get away from us, and that's what happened in this case.

Anyway, Dasher seemed unaffected immediately after the fight, with no visible wounds, but this morning laurie_robey noticed a large scab on his back right leg. Puncture wounds on a cat can be bad news as it is, and with Dasher being FIV+, we don't take chances. Fortunately, there's a good vet just five minutes away and they have Saturday hours, so we got an appointment and got him checked out.

Turns out, it was a good thing we did, because there was an abscess under the skin and it was well into the process of turning funky. The vet opened it up and cleaned it out, pumped the wound full of antibiotics, and gave us oral antibiotics to feed Dash for a week. He said the wound should heal completely by the time we were through those, and all should be well.

In Other News...

I have been in a disassociative funk all week-- by which I mean to say, I've been moody and cranky without having a specific something to be moody and cranky about, and it's manifested mostly by me retreating to computer games until the wee hours of the morning and being even more introverted than usual.

Granted, there are plenty of things to be moody about. I'm still grieving for Kerry, and that will be going for some time, I expect. I'm also quite stressed about dealing with "the Mom situation," not because of the inherent stressors of it, but because I'm dreading losing so much of my time to dealing with her house and the bajillion logistical challenges involved. I'm going to be losing months' worth of weekends to this, and so I've been frantically trying to avoid it as long as possible. But I won't be able to avoid it much longer.

So this morning I decided that it was time to stop squirming and get on with facing this stuff. After all, sitting around playing video games isn't really what I want to be doing either, it's just my escape mechanism. Granted, it's less onerous than the stuff I'm using it to avoid, but really is there any point in doing "some other thing" that's not what I want to do, rather than facing the real things I don't want to do and getting them done?

What I actually want to be spending my time on is my creative work, and I have managed to keep that going somewhat. I'm working on page 6 of the first issue of the new comic now, so except for last week, which was spent working on the Tanya Expressions sheet instead, I've drawn a page a week since I started. I'm actually kind of amazed by that, considering all the other things that have also been going on.

Unfortunately, unless I unexpectedly hit a two- or three-page-per-week hot streak, there's no way the first issue will be ready for AnthroCon, which was when I was hoping to debut it. Close-- it will miss by three or four pages at the most-- but just not doable with all of the legwork that also has to be done (such as covers, creating the website, and so forth).

So my current working plan is to have the 8-page "teaser issue" ready, along with flyers and the website for AC, with the actual comic to be released a month or two later. We shall see.

-The Gneech