March 12th, 2013

I.T. Crowd FAIL!

The Chutzpah of iTunes

I loves my iDevices, but great googily-moogily, does iTunes suck. I mean, you could pick the convoluted and frustrating interface, the wonky file handling, any number of things. But what gets me the most about iTunes is the sheer gall of this error message:

"Could not sync iPad because the sync failed to start.", you're saying you couldn't do it because you didn't do it? Is that really what you're saying, iTunes?

*boot to the head*


PS: I had a YouTube link to the Frantics' song "Boot to the Head" here, but I removed it. There's something that's always bugged me about that song, specifically the line, "People voting Republican: give them a boot to the head." Besides being an amateurish sort of middle-school joke, to immediately follow it up with a verse decrying "politicians who can't think" denotes cognitive dissonance. You've just blanket-condemned half of the electorate as a body, and then you're being sanctimonious about not thinking? Weaksauce.

Yes, I know that many Republicans say tons of stuff about "liberals" (never Democrats, always "liberals") that's just as bad if not worse. But y'know, if it's bad when "they" do it, it's bad when "we" do it too.

PPS: I say "they" and "we" for illustrative purposes. I don't identify with either party really.