March 26th, 2013

seasonal 2013

A Bit of Amusement, a Bit of Progress

Yesterday and today I canvassed the opinions of my players separately as to what they'd like me to run next. The amusing bit is that they all requested something different. So much for a mandate! :D

In other news, I found my materials for the "Penciling 101" panel I'm going to run at FurTheMore, so now I have to figure out how many to print. No idea what the expected attendance for this shindig is. I also made a bit of progress on a few other items, including starting page 7 of the new comic. Granted, it's only panel borders, but hey, that counts as starting, right?

So let's see, three positive things for today...

  • laurie_robey and I ran an in-house seminar on using Twitter for our co-workers today, which was well-received and declared "very useful" by the attendees.

  • Also at work, I got a nice mockup completed for a site requested by the graphics department. Turns out the functionality may still be lacking, but I'm not sure that can be fixed programmatically with web technology. That part will require research.

  • The aforementioned progress on comic and the FTM panel

So, a pretty good day. Now... sleep. G'nite world, and have an awesome tomorrow. :)