May 2nd, 2013

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One Story Idea Shelved, Another Story Idea Takes Off

Last night, the "Jeeves, Wooster, and horrible monsters" idea, as much as I love it, got put on the shelf, basically because there were requirements for the intended market that were too hard to shoehorn in at the required wordcount and I was getting blocked. I'm going to keep it, tho, and perhaps come back to it later for another project-- I think there's the germ of something awesome there.

Meanwhile, a new idea came to me (I love it when that happens!) and I started writing on it last night, getting 1800+ words before calling it a night. It also features my old pal Michael Macbeth, Paranormal Consultant, which came as a welcome surprise. I've missed you, dude! The whole story hinges on an extremely immature joke, which was also a surprise. :D

It's funny, and weird, which is what Michael Macbeth was always supposed to be about. If I can manage to mix "scary" in there, it will probably join the ranks of "personal favorites that I've ever written." Awesomesauce.

-The Gneech