May 28th, 2013


I Remember Memorial Day it was just yesterday!

The big news of the weekend for me is that I finished (at least the first complete draft) my new Michael Macbeth story. Weighing in at just over 8900 words, it's meatier than Stray Cat Strut and shows what I hope is a little more sophistication with the form, even if it is full of really immature humor. It's titled "The Unfortunately-Worded Affair of Mr. Fox" and is in the hands of my beta reading team now. Assuming no huge holes are found, it will be off to the anthology I wrote it for submission to tomorrow or Thursday.

Working on this story really gelled a lot of ideas I've been having over time about where I want my career to go and some things I need to do to get it there. I don't think I could write them down here in a way that would make sense to someone who doesn't live in my head, but the broader implications are that I really need to start reaching out in new directions.

On a related topic, I finished reading Seanan McGuire's Discount Armageddon this weekend. This is my second finished novel for the year, five months in, which means I'm three novels behind on my "read a novel every month" new year's resolution, but in my defense, the first few months of this year really sucked.

I enjoyed the book and I recommend it for some enjoyable popcorn fantasy; it also pinged on my As Good a Writer As... detector. It's not that Discount Armageddon is a book that I would have written (due to the differences in temperament and taste between myself and Seanan McGuire), but is a book that I could have written. It's well within the scope of my skill as a writer. She's making a go of it and doing all right, I really should be doing the same.

Also accomplished this weekend: bought a dishwasher for my mom's house, ran a Ghostbusters session, and got my new LotRO champy up to level 46 and acquired her first legendary weapon. So! Busy weekend. :) But a good one!

-The Gneech