June 11th, 2013


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  • Mon, 13:53: 600 lbs of tiger being absolutely adorable. https://t.co/JUCSj4AYBY
  • Mon, 14:07: RT @kcimc: can we replace the right to bear arms with the right to leak documents? i think fighting oppression works differently now.
  • Mon, 14:22: Dear @GearBoxSoftware: I don't like Krieg. Please let me play Brick in Borderlands 3. Thank you. #Borderlands #Psycho #Brick
  • Mon, 14:28: *sees crap article in a blog* *starts to comment on crap article* *deletes comment and just stops following blog forever* Aah, better.
  • Mon, 18:58: o/` Lazy harp seal has no job! Lazy harp seal has no money! See his earnings, they are meager! He's lacking in business acumen! o/`
  • Mon, 18:59: o/` Look at me, I've got a fancy camera! The lens is heavy and it cost a lot! o/`
  • Mon, 18:59: o/` Look at me in my nice yellow jacket! The color is a special order, it was hard to find! o/`
  • Mon, 19:00: o/` Lazy harp seal has no camera! Not even a simple point-and-shoot. Foolishly he sits there smiling, even though he has no jacket. o/`
  • Mon, 19:01: o/` See him there, goofing around! He does not behave proactively. Many girls, they seem to like him; I find the situation frustrating. o/`
  • Mon, 19:01: o/` Lazy harp seal has no job! Lazy harp seal has no money! Lazy harp seal has no camera! Lazy harp seal has no jacket! o/`
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Six Million Dollar Man

For Sale: G4 Mac Mini, $100 Local or $125 Shipped

Da Mac in question!

  • Mac Os X "Mini Box" (Finder Version 10.5.8)

  • Runs Firefox up to version 3.6.23; does not run current versions of Chrome

  • Includes wifi

  • Hardware in generally good condition except for some fraying on AC adapter connector

  • Includes third-party keyboard, mouse, and 17" Dell monitor on pivoting/rotating stand; monitor has some picture degradation due to age

  • Will deliver to greater D.C. area, AnthroCon, or InterventionCon for $100; will ship w/in U.S. for $125. Check, cash (if delivered), or Paypal.

  • E-mail thegneech@gmail.com if interested.

Sold! :D

It's time to start cleaning out some stuff to raise funds and/or make room! :) So watch for a few more posts like this in the upcoming weeks/months.

-The Gneech
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