June 24th, 2013


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  • Sun, 13:44: Hey, foodies! I'm looking to get one or two GOOD kitchen knives (as opposed to a block full of junk knives, which is what I have now). Recs?
  • Sun, 18:47: RT @seananmcguire: Thomas has colonized the guest room bed. It is become the Fluff Ocean. Ships set sail upon his belly, never to return.
  • Sun, 18:56: Kitchen Commando in Training http://t.co/DtC2snDryf
  • Sun, 20:22: Shrimp scampi was a success. A yummy, yummy success. :d Needed more shrimp, tho. Still learning to eyeball ingredients.
  • Sun, 20:27: A man after my own heart. // RT @Inkblitzer: Are you kidding? You can NEVER have enough shrimp.
  • Sun, 20:34: Hmm. Coke-and-Rainbow-Sherbert float dessert not quite as successful. Would be better with Sprite.
  • Sun, 20:41: RT @svetlania: "Happy is not the one who has a lot, but the one to whom what they have is enough." --random internet wisdom
  • Sun, 21:12: For something so ridiculous, "Turnabout Big Top" has some really, really grim stuff. #OBJECTION
  • Sun, 22:07: Holy crap, Turnabout Big Top. I'mma just sit over here in the corner and bawl my eyes out now. #OBJECTION
  • Sun, 22:12: RT @CalpainEqD: New life plan http://t.co/2zGZrZjREk
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