July 1st, 2013

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Gneech Report

Gneechy status report, SUH! Here's the state of things with me, SUH!


Construction work is more or less finished on Mom's house. Betsy has found someone she thinks will be a suitable assistant to come in during the day to help out with pills etc., and we are working on transferring the bills to come to me. laurie_robey and I have still got to arrange a serious cleaning crew to come in and seriously clean, but we are getting close to the end of all this... for now.

The House

We made some good progress on fixes to our own house this weekend, including replacing a light fixture and a dimmer switch, as well as packing up a bunch of stuff and weeding out other stuff for donation/disposal. The house is a bit of a disaster area, 'cause even though stuff is being packed away into boxes, those boxes still have to go somewhere, and we're trying to pack "likes with likes," which means all the kitchen stuff goes into Pile X, all the books go into Pile Y, etc. It makes things a bit awkward, but on the other hand, it helps reinforce the idea that "YES, YOU ARE ACTUALLY MOVING" and keeps me from switching into Goof Off Mode when there's work to be done.

I think I've finally more or less made peace with the idea that we're moving, and I can start looking for ways to make it awesome. Laurie found a very cool looking house in Woodbridge that we're going to try to take a look at this week sometime... kind of a nasty commute for her, but certainly more affordable. Whatever we end up doing, it needs to be something where I'll be comfortable and happy there, because it's going to be my workplace as well as my home.

Writing/Art/Everything Else

Not much new to report on the creative front-- there just haven't been the hours in the day to do much. I've got AnthroCon comin' at me on Thursday, and I haven't even had time to do up a new price sign-- and I don't anticipate having the time between now and then, either. I'm really hoping we can make our move sooner rather than later[1][2] so that I can get back to actually producing stuff again. I have a backlog of picture ideas that want drawing, not to mention wanting to get Coventry off the ground.

My Mental State Generally

I'm still on the frazzled side, but I'm at least not having anxiety attacks any more. hantamouse went to the hospital with tummy troubles over the weekend, which didn't exactly help my equilibrium ("Gee, almost exactly a year and a month since Sandy was lying in bed for two days in pain. Hmm.") but he's back home and out of danger for now, so hopefully he will mend quickly.

I'm fighting a deadline at work and spinning lots of plates at home, so finding moments to just sit and exhale are a rare premium at the moment. But if I can just keep it together for a few more months, better days should be here in the not-too-distant future.

-The Gneech

[1] *drink*
[2] (Inside joke.)

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  • Sun, 13:01: Big Damn Antiheroes http://t.co/bVrKj2Wqjh
  • Sun, 13:01: Big Damn Antiheroes: http://t.co/d5TyJirS2r
  • Sun, 17:46: *finds a station on Pandora that sounds like the inside of a planetarium* *plugs directly into his brain* ...aaaaaaahhhh... -.-
  • Sun, 17:46: Music From the Hearts of Space, take me away!
  • Sun, 17:48: You there! The song with melody! Cut that out. You're harshing my mellow.
  • Sun, 20:15: Thank you nap, I feel much better now. :)
  • Sun, 20:22: Spending my Sunday night working. At least in theory... haven't actually written any code yet. Want to just goof off completely.
  • Sun, 20:27: And we've got lightning bugs in the back yard! <3
  • Sun, 20:40: Rule 63 Storm cosplay. Rock on, you rockin' dude. :) http://t.co/uGbjyS8lKA
  • Sun, 20:47: I feel I should mention here that "booby trap" spelled backwards is "party boob." I think there's a lesson there for us all.
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Boromir battle

Oh Yeah, LotRO...

I was working on levelling a champion until a couple of weeks ago, wasn't I?

Forced myself to take some downtime and went back to that tonight. Rufaniel's now level 58 and sloshing around the waterworks of Moria.

I do periodically wish I was into WoW so I could run around w/ sirfox in a more-vibrant-colors sort of fantasy world, but I'm loathe to pay the subscription fee for a game I'd play in fits and spurts at best. I have a lifetime sub to LotRO, so as long as I've got internet, I'll have access to that. (At least until it shuts down, but I'm pretty sure that's a few years away still.)

I periodically consider DDO just for the Eberron-ness of it, except that from what I gather it's not very solo-friendly, and also not very Eberron-ish, which is disappointing.

-The Gneech