August 29th, 2013


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  • Wed, 13:12: RT @Inkblitzer: As if Corgi's couldn't get more awesome. It's basically a WOLF CORGI!
  • Wed, 13:12: Just told the real estate agent we should be ready to list the house this weekend. THINGS ARE REALLY HAPPENING O.o *flails!*
  • Wed, 13:14: *flailflailflailflailflail!!!*
  • Wed, 13:45: RT @Inkblitzer: For all my web designer/coder friends:
  • Wed, 13:51: I'm sometimes amazed at how well furry phenotypes work. Stripped of value judgements, they can be very handy descriptors.
  • Wed, 13:52: Of course, human nature being what it is, they don't STAY stripped of value judgements. :P But it's handy while it lasts.
  • Wed, 13:55: I'm thinking particularly of BronyCon actually, and how much groupthink there was. "EVERYBODY _____!" was the constant rallying call. (cont)
  • Wed, 13:55: I boggled about that for quite some time until I suddenly went "Ponies, duh. They're herd animals." And then it all made perfect sense.
  • Wed, 13:56: It also explained why I didn't feel at home with it. Clappin Soarin aside, I'm not a pony. My phenotype is and always has been lion.
  • Wed, 13:57: Lions organize in prides: small, tightly-knit groups. Not large collectives.
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