September 27th, 2013


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  • Thu, 13:29: RT @invisiblewolf: Depeche Mode Jams: "What have I…What have I…What have I done to preserve this…?"
  • Thu, 13:30: True.
  • Thu, 13:38: Every once in a while my feed flares up about some person I've never heard of, and I'm always like "Huh, wonder what that's about."
  • Thu, 14:14: o/` I've got the "stand still" like Jagger, the "stand still" like Jagger, the "stand stiiiIIIIiiiill" like Jagger... o/`
  • Thu, 14:19: RT @LeVostreGC: Thanke Thor yt ys Thorsdaye!
  • Thu, 15:36: Dear food industry people: can't you shut up about homosexuals and just sell food? -.-
  • Thu, 15:42: Individuals speaking about their own personal beliefs is perfectly legit, whether I agree or not. But politicizing your company is dumb.
  • Thu, 15:44: I'm a writer, I -am- my own product, so to speak. But if I were selling soap? I wouldn't attach political views to it.
  • Thu, 15:46: "This soap will get you very clean, but we don't want vegesexuals to buy it because of our values."
  • Thu, 20:11: They Did, At Least, Turn to Science for Their Reasoning
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