October 2nd, 2013


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  • Tue, 15:09: All the personal financial advice you'll ever need, on one 4x6 card. http://t.co/MD0slBcIyn
  • Tue, 15:09: RT @InterestingLit: Which writer was responsible for the tradition of men wearing black evening dress? Find out in our new blog post: http:…
  • Tue, 15:16: RT @Kingdomcub: Gov't shuts down. WW2 veterans give no fucks, move barriers, and visit the memorials in DC anyway. http://t.co/fjFgy2ey77
  • Tue, 20:08: Just found out that @laurierobey is now on "unpaid leave." Thanks, #house #republicans. Please start punching yourselves hard as you can.
  • Tue, 20:32: RT @exatron: @the_gneech @laurierobey We could solve all of our budget problems if we let people pay $5 each to kick their congressperson.
  • Tue, 20:45: I'd write my congressman about the shutdown except, y'know, I'm pretty sure mine was against it.
  • Tue, 21:23: Note that some members of congress ARE refusing/donating their pay during the shutdown. They aren't all errant asses.
  • Tue, 21:27: Anyway, that's enough ranting on that for today. The voting booth and other forms of activism will be how I respond further to this.
  • Tue, 21:28: And, as @neilhimself advises, I shall "make good art."
  • Tue, 21:38: In other news, I have found chunks, but not all, of my last attempt at a Michael Macbeth novel. Wondering where the rest went.
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Jeeves Strangle


“My next book will be a non-fiction,” Greg said. “I’ve already got a contract and advance on the title alone.”

“Oh really!” said Brigid. “What is it?”

The World Is Going to Hell, and It’s Your Fault: A Bestseller.

“Um,” said Brigid.

“The subtitle is, If You’d Spanked Your Children, Obama Would Not Have Been Elected.”

Brigid just shook her head, finally managing to say, “…Wow. I assume you’ll be releasing this under a pseudonym.”

“Well naturally,” said Greg. “I’m also looking into an older, doughy guy to play me at book signings.”

“Of all the times I’ve wanted to kill you,” Brigid said, “this is the first time it was for the good of humanity.”

-The Gneech

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