October 15th, 2013


What Is Best In Life?

In my new role as work-at-home-writer-guy, I have generally been very meticulous about getting up in the morning, shower, dress, etc., and treating it like an actual job sort of job. But today, I'm slouchin' it. Pulled on jeans over sleeping clothes, no shoes, hair a mess, shave badly needed. Why? Because I can. Wahahahahaa!

The other great thing about this new life? Second breakfast. I never liked the whole "breakfast at eight, lunch at noon, dinner at six, hungry in-between" lifestyle anyhow. Second breakfast at eleven and smaller lunch? Much more pleasant.

Now we just get the money thing worked out, and I'll be set. ;)


Dasher is still not quite himself today, but he's better than he was yesterday. He had appetite for his breakfast this morning, and he ran around and played some, so he seems to be doing better. Still keeping an eye on him, tho.

All kittens seem to be operating within normal accepted parameters. Interesting tidbit: Now that Fluffs is out of the picture, Inkygirl has gone from being quiet and submissive, to being the queen of the litter. She's not super-aggressive or hostile or anything, just way more assertive than she was before, while Sweets and Inkyboy seem happy to let her have the lead.

So on the whole, things are looking okay in this part of the world today. Time to get some writing done!

-The Gneech