November 26th, 2013


My tweets

  • Mon, 12:29: RT @BrianKlems: I'm thankful I'm a writer because I can work all day without wearing pants. #ThankfulWriter
  • Mon, 12:37: Guh, rough morning. Spent hours fighting w/ Dasher and updating software. Now trying to write and falling asleep at the keyboard.
  • Mon, 12:37: C’mon Gneech, pull it together. You’re in the last week of #NaNoWriMo, it’s no time to fall apart. Remember how jazzed you were last night.
  • Mon, 14:04: RT @StayPuft: RT if you're thankful that you ain't afraid of no ghost
  • Mon, 14:10: Oh ye gods, no! I’ve been CRUNCHETIZED! O.o
  • Mon, 14:10: …Well, not really. But I did break down and take a nap. Maybe now I’ll be able to write!
  • Mon, 14:16: Important discovery: a Starbucks Doubleshot doesn’t taste very good immediately on the heels of a bowl of Cap’n Crunch.
  • Mon, 14:57: RT @jimchines: I wonder if DC execs are thinking, "Marvel's releasing Avengers 2 three years after Avengers? Shouldn't they just reboot the…
  • Mon, 15:08: I haven’t just written myself into a corner, I’ve written myself out onto a ledge with a steam train headed straight for me. Not good.
  • Mon, 15:09: Shouting “Geronimo!” and enlisting my other regenerations to help! //RT @Inkblitzer: Dodge the train and jump on top of it!
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