December 22nd, 2013


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Scraping It Off

If you want a golden rule that will fit everybody, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.
--William Morris

laurie_robey and I spent the better part of today retrieving more of our stuff (books, mostly, lots and lots of very heavy books) from hantamouse's house, going through it to cull stuff, and putting away stuff we decided to keep.

While I'm not in the same league of hoarder as my parents, even by a long stretch, I do have a ton of stuff. Over the past few months, having experienced not having a lot of it as it was in storage I have been seized by an almost manic desire to get rid of large swaths of it. The problem comes when the nitty gritty of what to get rid of. "This book is from my childhood!" "But what if I decide I need another desk lamp?" "These magazines will never be available again!"

I do actually think I've been pretty aggressive in my stuff-culling. I've identified and set aside a good two or three shelves' worth of RPG books that I'll never want/need to look at again, for instance. Of course, that leaves me with ten more shelves of RPG books, still, but it's progress. Some of my biggest victories have been some of the stupidest things-- a folder full of paper samples from a company that's been out of business for a decade, but which I loved when I was getting into graphic design and desktop publishing, for instance. Because it wasn't just what the item was, but what the item symbolized to me, that I had to let go of.

It's been challenging, and occasionally emotionally taxing and... oh God, I still have so much more stuff to go. -.-

But go, the stuff must. Come spring, we're movin', and almost certainly to a much smaller place. Which means I've got to stay strong and keep being aggressive about it. We've got quite a large "get rid of" pile in the front room-- we're going to have to start doing some actual disposing soon, just to have more room there for the pile of stuff we're going to get rid of! O.o If that's not progress, I don't know what is.

But... not any more tonight. Now, I sleep. *thud*

-The Gneech