January 27th, 2014

Lachwen Lightning Girl

Lachwen and Rufaniel, Action Sisters!

Thanks to some tanking from Jamie, I was able to get Lachwen out of that dang swamp, and off to the more interesting parts of Dunland. I'm starting to get (some of) the hang of the class, having found that healing-traited, the runekeeper does a pretty good job of self-heal tanking solo, as long as they don't go up against anything with a really solid one-punch hit. Sadly, where I left Lachwen, puts her in the unhappy position of needing to go up against just such a foe, but I have to learn how to face it sometime, right?

Meanwhile Rufaniel, my mid-50s champion, is still just as crazy OP as the champions have been for a while. I tried her running in tank mode, and in AoE, and both work beautifully. AoE seems to be just a touch more efficient for landscape quests, at least, but switching trait lines on-the-fly is easy enough that I can jump into tank mode if I know a boss fight is coming or some such.

So I expect I'll be bouncing back and forth between these two for a while. Amusingly (at least to me), the two of them use almost the exact same character model and they're both from Mirkwood, so now my headcanon is that the two of them are sisters. I'm thinking of maybe tweaking their skirmish soldier cosmetics so they can run "together" that way; naturally I've come up with personality traits and how they interact in my head. I might even start doing story posts like the old "Life of a Bounder" series with them, although I'm not sure there's enough of interest to me in southeastern Middle-earth to support that. Maybe stuff in Gondor, if the game ever gets there; but Lachwen at least is a very urban sort of character and finds both Dunland and Rohan to be hick country.

I don't know why I'm suddenly interested in LotRO again out of the blue; it may be seasonal. Or maybe I just had a long enough break to be able to come back to it "fresh," I dunno. I do find it telling that I'm just not interested in playing Maedhroc or Galadhalion these days-- particularly considering that mechanically Rufaniel and Galadhalion are practically the same character, just at different leveling stages. But really, Maedhroc's story feels "done" to me-- his spirit was sorta crushed by what happened to him at Dol Guldur and then just ground into the dirt by his capture and imprisonment in Isengard. He has retired to his nice little home in the Shire to recover. As for Galadhalion, I'm sure he's still out there, probably raising heck somewhere with Shamat and Poppy in tales left untold.

It's time for new stories, with Lachwen and Rufaniel, to occupy my time off for a bit.

-The Gneech

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  • Sun, 12:10: .@foalpapers needs to see this one. /RT @TDot_Babs: This is, hooves down, the BEST PMV I have ever seen!!!!! https://t.co/MKYfGPKL2v
  • Sun, 12:16: These Ponies Didn't Start the Fire http://t.co/n42sNyJiRt
  • Sun, 12:49: Saw yesterday's pony EP. Other than the sandworm, I expect to forget the whole thing in about 10 minutes. At least Cadence got some action.
  • Sun, 12:50: No, wait, I tell a lie. Dubious AppleJack was also good. :)
  • Sun, 12:50: Still. "Discord is a troll, ponies fall for it" has gotten old fast.
  • Sun, 12:55: Oh, one question re: yesterday's ep-- has Discord always been in the S4 credits, or was that added for this one? I'll have to check.
  • Sun, 13:05: Now I'm sittin' here thinking re: how I react to comments on my work. A steady diet of "It's awesome!" gets ignored as much as "It stinks!"
  • Sun, 13:06: Well, not ignored. Praise always feels good. :) But without specifics, it doesn't help me get better.
  • Sun, 13:07: Of course, most fans aren't English majors, y'know? So they don't have a lot of "literary critique" chops. They just know they like it.
  • Sun, 13:08: And really, that's perfectly cool and I love 'em to pieces for it. But a detailed and specific piece of praise or critique sinks in.
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Charity and Langley FurTheMore Portrait

Charity and Langley FurTheMore Portrait by the-gneech on deviantART

The good folks at FurTheMore.org asked me to do an image that could go into the middle of “a dollar bill,” so I figured I’d go ahead and use it as a chance to stealth-promote the new comic. ;) So here are Langley and Charity, as ninja and pirate, respectively, in yet another standoff.

-The Gneech

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Cameo Charity Auction: Be In 1st Issue of New SJ!

As you probably know, Stan Sakai, a hugely important figure in furry literature and a super-nice guy, is undergoing some really rough times. To try and help out a bit, I am auctioning off a total of ten cameo slots in a large action scene splash page of the new Suburban Jungle comic!

Basically, leave your comment here with your bid, or send me an e-mail to thegneech@gmail.com if you’d prefer to keep it private. The auction will run until Friday midnight (EST), and the top 10 highest bidders will have their characters in the scene enjoying a moment of mayhem. Any paying bid of $20 or more will get a signed print copy of the comic in the mail, regardless of whether you win a cameo spot or not.

I will do my best to update the bidding list in this post on a daily basis, and announce the winners on Saturday.

Please help me support this cause! And please spread the word. :)

Update! Bids As Of Friday Noon

  1. KarmaKat ($200)
  2. LionKingCMSL ($150)
  3. ANON–”Rocker” ($100)
  4. Kitana ($100)
  5. MaxFuchsCajote ($100)
  6. Kyyanno ($100)
  7. Dewhitton ($100)
  8. Exatron ($75)
  9. ANON–”Flower Pony” ($75)
  10. Rowyn ($50)

NOTE: Alas, some bidders have been bumped from the list! They can always rebid a higher amount if desired, but the auction closes at midnight, so you’d better hurry! :)

-The Gneech

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