February 7th, 2014


My tweets

  • Thu, 12:02: "Good thing the dancing girls are on vacation, the crowd's getting ugly." "You think the crowd's ugly, you should see the dancing girls!"
  • Thu, 12:08: o/` Movin' right along, in search of good times and good news, with good friends you can't lose-- this could become a habit! o/`
  • Thu, 12:09: Traveling by montage before it was cool.
  • Thu, 12:10: "Hey there, wanna lift?" "Oh, no thanks, I'm on my way to New York City to try to break into public television!"
  • Thu, 12:13: "Fozzie, where did you learn to drive?" "I took a correspondence course."
  • Thu, 12:14: RT @gdfalksen: Photo: I would hang this in my office http://t.co/htn668hD1s
  • Thu, 12:18: Me + Muppets is not a problem! /RT @SeiferA: I think Gneech has a Muppet problem. My recommended prescription is six Gonzos a day
  • Thu, 12:18: o/` Fact is there's nothin' out there you can't do! Hey even Santa Claus believes in you! o/`
  • Thu, 12:19: RT @exatron: @the_gneech "Bear left." "Right, frog."
  • Thu, 12:20: "I don't know how to thank you guys!" "I don't know WHY to thank you guys!" Kermit the Sass.
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