April 14th, 2014


My tweets

  • Mon, 00:02: Judge Me By My Sighs, Would You?: Suburban Jungle http://t.co/V5KkcvXFcx
  • Mon, 09:25: Milk: It does a body good. http://t.co/nx4cVso3M0
  • Mon, 09:38: @MLP_Birdcat I’ve had so much stress in the past five years that I’ve forgotten what it was like to not be stressed. :-`
  • Mon, 11:18: RT @onezumi: REMEMBER! "Books" are just "boobs" with a "k". And boobs are the best
  • Mon, 11:49: RT @TheTweetOfGod: The next time I create mankind I'll conduct an environmental impact study first.
  • Mon, 11:50: Monday Fun Fact: I have 976 followers on Twitter.
  • Mon, 11:51: I only have half that many here in my living room.
  • Mon, 11:53: A few of my followers are legit celebs, yo. That kinda blows my mind. The rest are just generally awesome people.
  • Mon, 11:54: I’m internet-famous! *strikes a pose* //RT @BirdCatOOC: well, i think you’re a celeb. ;)
  • Mon, 11:55: Seriously tho, I’m grateful for all of my followers/readers/audience/people who don’t attack me on sight.
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