June 3rd, 2014


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Kero asleep

Three Good Things/Three Goals for Tomorrow

Fell off doing these over the weekend, because usually by the time I was going to bed, I was already three hours overdue. But it's mental hygiene, I really should attend to it.

Three Good Things

  1. Editor informed me that my latest Michael Macbeth story was accepted for an anthology-- woohoo! I'll provide more details when I can.

  2. Started the heavy lifting on drawing issue two today.

  3. Had some blueberry cornbread for breakfast, which was a new experience.

Three Goals for Tomorrow

  1. Return ALL the phonecalls/deal with ALL the paperwork, including tree care guys, financial advisor guy, real estate guy, bank statement, telephone switchover, etc.

  2. Make sure all my URLs are renewed.

  3. Finish the issue two cover.

I've also got to get up at oh-dark-thirty to pick up laurie_robey from her sleep study-- it's just me and the kitties here tonight. So I'd better go on up and get some sleep. Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow.

-The Gneech