June 5th, 2014

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Three Good Things/Three Goals for Tomorrow

Well I didn't finish any of my goals from yesterday, alas, but that's not to say I didn't make any progress.

Three Good Things For Today

  1. Taught myself a new shading technique that I hope will give my art a more polished look. Needs practice, of course, but I made a good start!

  2. Updated my financial records for the year. So far I've made about as much in 2014 as I would have made in about six weeks at my previous job... but I've got a lot more to show for it! Also arranged for repair of hall tree.

  3. Got to spend time with lots of kitties as we did our volunteer work for Fancy Cats Rescue Team tonight, including getting to see our faves, Ruby and Damien.

  4. Bonus Good Thing! Started a Pinterest account. No idea how it works or what I'm going to do with it yet, but that will come with time, I imagine.

Three Goals for Tomorrow

  1. Finish dat cover!

  2. Do the whole URL update thing.

  3. Make some progress on getting the house ready for sale.

Time permitting, I'd like to get some MMO and #TwitterPonies time in too, but that will be subject to the whims of fate.

And now... BED. *thud* zzzzzzzz...

-The Gneech
Jeeves Strangle

The Worst! Possible! Thing!

So as I was putting on my shoes this morning, one of the laces– which had been threatening disaster for some time– gave up and snapped right in two. Fortunately, in the closet I have a basket of extra shoelaces and other footwear necessities for just such an emergency. But it was also a good thing that happened, because it prompted me to take a good look at the shoe, and discover a massive, ugly acid burn that I hadn't noticed. Last week sometime, while pumping gas, some of the nasty stuff dripped onto the shoe, and though I thought I had cleaned it up in time, it seems not. For a minute I thought the shoe was ruined.

Rarity-- Call the fashion police!

Now keep in mind, I love these shoes. Dressy enough to look sharp, but with a gum sole and as comfortable as any sneaker, these shoes are a major weapon in my dapperness arsenal. There was only one thing to be done! Break out the shoe polish and hope for a miracle!

I'm happy to say, the shoes were saved. :) But while I was sitting there furiously polishing, I started to wonder how many other guys there are out there who would a) be wearing a shoe like this in the first place, and b) would leap to the rescue if they found one damaged like that. I'm a writer/illustrator now, working from home on my own hours and as my own boss– I could spend the rest of my life in PJs if I wanted to, only pulling on pants for the occasional visit to Starbucks. According to the current mode of our culture, that's what I should want to do.

But I don't. Unless I'm in really dire straits, I make a point of "dressing for work" every day (even if I don't actually do it until lunchtime) and while it may be "biz cas," it's still a well-dressed "biz cas." For men especially, the bar of grooming and comportment has been set so damn low that just by doing what I consider the bare minimum, I'm still "dressed up" compared to almost everyone I meet.

My dad was of the opinion that a pocket tee was the only kind of shirt anyone should ever wear– with certain exceptions I won't wear a shirt that doesn't have at least three buttons on it. I asked for and was well pleased to receive a cordless iron from my in-laws for Christmas (and I use it regularly). Heck, I have a "shoe care emergency kit." Is all that stuff really as weird as I think it is? Or have I just been traveling in the wrong circles?

-The Gneech
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Me Am Writing!

Three Good Things/Three Goals for Tomorrow

Still didn't fix URLs, that's my priority for tomorrow. But today we did ALL THE SHOPPING for the house upgrades/remodels/etc. and I'm very pleased about that. I also finished the issue two front cover, and it's a real level-up piece for me. ^.^ Issue two will officially hit the web on June 30th. :)

Three Good Things for Today

  1. Finished dat cover!

  2. Did ALL THE SHOPPING. Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupon knocked $70 (!) off of transaction.

  3. Had some silly fun on Twitter. :)

Three Goals for Tomorrow

  1. That URL thing I've been carrying as a goal all week. >.>

  2. Catch up on laundry.

  3. See if I can get scanner hooked up to Mac.

Gnite world, have an awesome tomorrow. :)