June 18th, 2014


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Alex Spaz

Incredibly Slow Gneech Is Incredibly Slow

I postponed the launch of issue two until June 30 so I could have the entire month of June to work on it, right? I mean, I did half of issue one over the course of January, so that kind of a window should give me a nice big buffer, right?

You'd like to THINK that, wouldn't you??? /fezzini

I have averaged one page per week this month. This is nuts. Not from not working on it! It's just that between interruptions, system configuration kerfluffles, and just-plain-unexplained-slowness, I just can't get anything done.

To compound the problem, I have commissions due to various people, and I promised my Patreon supporters that at a certain level (which has been reached, thank you supporters!) I would begin another comic project with a collaborator. All of these things are predicated on the idea that I can draw two pages per week by devoting three days to it, leaving the other two days for other projects-- which as of tonight has totally not been the case.

So... what the hell, Gneech? You're working full time, heck you're working overtime, on this stuff, and you can't hack it. Where's the problem? 'cos this situation is not acceptable. Diagnose and fix, please.

In the meantime, get some sleep.

-The Gneech

PS: Gnite world, and have an awesome tomorrow.