June 28th, 2014


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o/` I Went to a Garden Party... o/`

My sister hosted what she aptly named "A Big Fat Party" at her house today; technically the occasion was her birthday, although she didn't really want to focus on that. The real reason, as she explained, was just to gather everyone together for a HAPPY occasion, given all that's happened over the past few years.

I was fully in support of this idea, not just for its own merits, but also because it dovetailed nicely with my goal of getting out and being social more. So I mingled, chatted, played cornhole (sort of like 'shuffleboard meets Toss Across'), tried sangria (eh, not my thing), and of course tossed the ball for the dog ALL THE TIMES.

I wasn't actually expecting the party to be the big blowout it was; my sister had a pavilion and a bartender, catered BBQ, and about three dozen guests. I had fun, even if the heat wore me out quickly. As I tweeted somewhere during the midst of it, "My sister and her family are so normal; it boggles my mind." I don't mean that as any kind of a value judgement either way, merely as an observation. They like baseball and beer; laurie_robey and I like Mystery Science Theater 3000 and roleplaying games.

But still, it was a good time, and I'm glad I went. :)

On a side note: today blew my Weight Watchers points right out of the water-- not so much because of what I ate at the party, but because of what I had for lunch. Moe's Southwest Grill Chicken Club Quesadilla? 27 points y'all. Dayum. I mean, the party noms were a hit, too, but if I'd had something closer to my normal 12-16 point lunch, it wouldn't have been quite such a disaster. Fortunately, my weekly points could take the hit, and I can add more exercise in on Monday and Wednesday to buff it up if I need to. Lessons learned? 1) Don't get the chicken club quesadilla, and 2) Especially don't follow it up with a venti mocha frappuccino. ;P

-The Gneech