July 23rd, 2014

Me Am Writing!

Strangley Philosophical

Feeling strangely philosophical this morning, thinking about permanence and impermanence. In particular, I'm remembering a little ritual of sorts that Waarhorse and Kerry used to go through at the convention table. Kerry and I used to always have a bowl of candy at the table to get customers' attention, and Waarhorse would come along and make some kind of joke about "Oh, free candy!" and taking either heaping handfuls or occasionally the whole bowl, in response to which Kerry would shriek and order him to put it back, threatening to poke him with crochet hooks. Good times were had by all. :)

Then, of course, Waarhorse passed away. A year later, Kerry stopped going to conventions, and two years after that, she also passed away. Waarhorse is gone, Kerry's gone, even that particular candy bowl is gone; the conventions remain, and I, who bore witness to it all, still have it in my head. But there will be some time (hopefully in the still distant future) when I'm not at conventions any more either, and that small running game will have evaporated from history.

I don't know where (if anywhere) my thoughts are going on this topic. It's just something I found myself thinking on when I woke up.

That said, hug somebody you love today. :) While you can.

-The Gneech

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Own Your Own Attention

“We have these brief lives, and our only real choice is how we will fill them. Your attention is precious. Don’t squander it. Don’t throw it away. Don’t let companies and products steal it from you. Don’t let advertisers trick you into lusting after things you don’t need. Don’t let the media convince you to covet the lives of celebrities. Own your attention — it’s all you really have.”
- Jonathan Harris

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