August 5th, 2014


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  • Mon, 12:19: RT @seananmcguire: "He's not fat." "I know." "He's just BIG." "I am aware." "HE'S SO BIG." "He's a Maine Coon." "But he's NOT FAT." "I, his…
  • Mon, 12:21: RT @DrBlinkShrink: Hero names are getting very generic. Looking at you Strong Guy, Flying Lady, Animal Human, and Wears Dark Leather Perso…
  • Mon, 12:28: o/` While my pot of chili, gently boils… o/` Hmm. I think George Harrison made the right call on that one.
  • Mon, 13:14: I love furries. Have I mentioned I love furries? #anthrocon #furry #awesome
  • Mon, 13:38: RT @GeekGirlCon: Bill Mantlo, co-creator of Rocket Raccoon, gets a private viewing of @Guardians via @bleedingcool
  • Mon, 14:11: I have been mostly useless today. Not sure why, just can’t seem to focus on anything productive.
  • Mon, 15:16: Welp, two pages penciled, a batch of chili salvaged from a dead crock pot, and a load of laundry done… today officially achieved something.
  • Mon, 15:17: I feel better about it now.
  • Mon, 20:22: I am a ridiculously lucky person. Like, insanely so. And I am very grateful for it.
  • Tue, 09:12: Shoes? Check. Notepad? Check. Time to kick butt and take names. Form a queue, please!
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