August 7th, 2014

Kero asleep

Weekly Weigh-In

308.9, 1.5 lbs up from last week. Right on schedule for the backward phase of "two steps forward, one step back." :P Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. -.-

The numerical part notwithstanding, my clothes are definitely looser, especially my shirts. I'm at a sort of awkward spot where I've lost weight around the bottom of my ribcage/top of my abs, but not under my arms, giving me a rather peculiar blobby shape around my sides.

In related news, earlier this week I signed up for "Daily Burn," a channel available on Roku which provides semi-customized workout videos on a wide variety of focus topics and skill level ranges, and it's been providing a pretty rigorous routine. Whether or not it has any effect on the weight number at the end of the day is mostly irrelevant-- it's providing cardio exercise, stretching, and muscle development, all of which I need. I'm on a 30-day free trial, and assuming I like it, it's only $10/month after that, which is considerably more affordable than the gym I was going to before.


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