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D&D– The Silver Coast, Players' Map and Key

The setting of my new campaign, as an easy reference for my players, as well as just for the enjoyment of anyone else who may be interested. It's pretty derivative, I know, but it's not meant to win any awards, just be a viable setting for my campaign. ;)

Everything here is common knowledge, although your character may or may not know any particular bit of it depending on their interest. I am considering using this setting as the basis for a series of third-party adventures published in PDF format, depending on what the new licensing schema turns out to be (due in early 2015, according to current reports). More updates on that as events warrant. :) DMs are free to yoink any or all of this for private use if they wish; otherwise everything is ©2014 by John "The Gneech" Robey.

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Five hundred years ago, the North Kingdom, a prosperous and cosmopolitan empire made up mostly of humans, elves, and dwarves, was overrun by an orcish invasion, aided by giants of the Silver Ridge Mountains and several dragons, greedy for the rich silver that visibly gleamed from the mountainsides. However, the fledgeling orcish empire could not hold itself together after the charismatic general who had organized the conquest perished, and the factions of orcs, giants, and dragons began fighting among themselves, and humans from neighboring nations were able to take advantage of this. One by one the dragons were slain or driven off, and with that threat out of the way, the human armies were able to march up the coast or attack from the sea and reclaim the region. The giants were driven back to the mountains; the orcs were mostly slaughtered, fleeing into the wilderness.

Of course, the humans were barely more unified than the orcs and giants had been, and for the next two centuries there was a great deal of conflict, which eventually ended with the establishment of two main kingdoms in the region, Argent and Ertikan. The Calladganger people of the north, semi-nomadic people organized mostly around clanholds, did not participate in this for the most part, having little to offer either side, and little to gain from joining the fight.

The past hundred and fifty years were relatively peaceful and remarkably prosperous, until the sudden explosion and eruption of Mt. Thunderdelve, which blasted off the entire north face of the mountain, spewing dust, ash, and poisonous fumes across the region, wiping out the city of Avileigne and leaving much of the Kingdom of Argent a barren wasteland for decades. The eruption also turned the land strange and uncanny, as strange creatures crawled up below, and the people who died in the waste refused to lay quietly in their graves.

The forests have returned to the Silver Coast over time, and most of the devastation caused by the volcano is now hidden under a carpet of leafy ferns and evergreen trees. The King and Queen of Argent have ordered the rebuilding of Welltide to help re-establish the trade route south, and declared that one of their daughters will act as their regent in that area, but her keep has not yet been built and until it is she has not taken up residence in the town.

-The Gneech