October 21st, 2014


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  • Mon, 12:05: I’m not eager for MLPFIM to end, but going out on S4 would be a helluva lot better than going out on S3, which I was afraid of at the time.
  • Mon, 12:07: But hey, I’ll just take it as it comes. :)
  • Mon, 12:08: That said: if I could get half the readership for SJ that one season of MLPFIM gets, I’d keep doing it forever. ;)
  • Mon, 12:14: Honestly, the stuff I like best about MLPFIM is much better served by the TV format than it would be by movies. Same is true of Trek.
  • Mon, 12:15: I like slow builds, slice-of-life moments, etc., not TEH GIANT EPIC PLOT.
  • Mon, 12:18: RT @MLP_Trixie: *gets ready for her close up in the new movie where she will ,obviously, be made into a princess while she is the main char…
  • Mon, 12:23: You know what I want to see in a MLPFIM movie? I want the CMC to get their cutiemarks.
  • Mon, 12:26: Someone please tell @MMeghanMcCarthy to make sure the CMC get their cutie marks in the movie. Thank you. :) #MLPFIM #CutieMarkCrusaders
  • Mon, 12:27: “MLPFIM: The Next Generation” starring adult AppleBloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, with Snips and Snails as their Lenny & Squiggy.
  • Mon, 12:32: RT @cracked: 4 Surprising Ways Bullying Can Change a Person - http://t.co/RiBgaH51Hk
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