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Some Art'n'Stuff [artwork]

(Feel free to skip down to the end if you just wanna see the ponehs and don't feel like reading my rambles. ;) )

I spent the past couple of months in an artistic stalemate; Arclight Adventures, as much as I enjoy thinking about it and talking about it, is a real grind to work on. As a result, progress has been painfully slow.

In order to break that stalemate, I've been trying to get the juices flowing by doing other bits of art instead, but until the past few days that wasn't really getting anywhere either. But then I finally got into the whole Livestreaming thing (credit for which I gotta give to graveyardgreg).

What I discovered was that one of the things that's been bugging me about doing art lately is what a solitary exercise it is. Introvert that I am, it feels kinda strange saying so, but I've been just plain lonely. But with the Livestream going, it feels like being a convention "homework party," with creative energy going and friends hanging out while I work ... which is a lot more fun. :)

So expect to see me doing a lot more streaming from now on. :) And I hope you'll join me for those sessions! But in the meantime, here are the fruits of my recent labors. The current batch are all MLP:FIM themed, done for the #twitterponies RP.

MLPFIM: Rarity Ice Sculpture Collab by ~the-gneech on deviantART

Ice Sculpture Rarity This one is a collaboration with Konnexi, who did the initial sketch. I did the lines, color, and background. The story behind this is that it's Applejack's Hearthwarming Day present to Rarity.

MLPFIM: Spike's Kitchen by ~the-gneech on deviantART

Spike's Kitchen For those who don't know, Spike's player is really the heart of the #twitterponies RP, and one of the other players wanted to give him a gift of thanks for keeping it all together, and so asked me to do this. I gather that Spike was quite happy with it. ^.^

Aaaand some development pics...

Princess Celestia practice sketch, by the Gneech

Spike practice sketch, by the Gneech

Spike's Kitchen draft


-The Gneech
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