January 7th, 2015

Mysterious Beard

Sartorial Achievement

“Dress is a very foolish thing; and yet it is a very
foolish thing for a man not to be well dressed.”

—Philip Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield, in a letter to his son; 1745.

Yesterday was a Bad Emotions Day [1], but it did have a few bright spots. One of them was that I now have a size 44 belt and can put it on with room to spare. This is the latest in a series of "trade down" moves I have been making, size-wise. Over the past few months I have donated several items of shirts, trousers, and shoes that I have simply shrunk out of.

That, my friends, is a pretty awesome feeling. ;)

Although finances are tight, I am trying to make sure that my wardrobe gets regularly updated, one or two pieces at a time, to keep up with the changes in my body shape. Part of this is because I am incredibly vain and want my clothes to fit. ;) But part of it is also so that if I start to slip on diet and exercise and start to plump up again, my clothes will be too tight and prompt me to take corrective steps. I don't want to be able to fit into my old clothes.

I have not yet quite reached the stage of being able to easily shop in mainstream outlets yet. In men's clothes, those tend to stop at a tight 42– on top of which, I am 6'2" tall and so will always need a "long." But I'm closer now than I've been in decades.

Finally, while I'm on the topic: When It Comes to Style, Younger Men Leaving Older Guys In the Dust

As they walked, the three dapper lads parted a human sea of male fashion faux pas, leaving young women glancing back for a second look and middle-aged men gazing scornfully. Call it the fashion age divide.

...The young man’s uniform, once composed of low hanging jeans and ironic T-shirts, has transformed into cufflinks, high collars and tie clips. It’s defining the modern man look and leaving the elders looking like schlubs.

“I’m definitely seeing guys in their 20s dressing way better than guys in their 40s,” says Melissa Austria, owner of Got Style men’s wear in Toronto...

Aww, yeah!

Oh, and on a related note: What If Nike Sold Oranges And Apple Sold iMilk? Some pretty awesome stuff here. :)

-The Gneech

[1] When you're a chronic depressive, your emotions are often like the weather. You can't control 'em, you just have to ride them out. Yesterday was one such day for me; I felt like crud for most of the evening, even tho there was no real reason for it. I'm better today, tho. :)