January 15th, 2015

Mysterious Beard

Weekly Weigh-In, Didn't Even Flicker Edition

294.3, exactly the same as last week, -24.7 lbs total, average lost 0.8 lbs/week. I don't mind telling you, given that I stayed 5-10 points under every day this week and worked out 5/7 days, that's frustrating. :P

Which is not to say there's no progress... a quantum of my upper-body flab melted off sometime around the weekend, and the larger of those two belts I bought last week is actually on the verge of being too big already. O.o Perhaps I should get a leather punch.

Today I'm off to Further Confusion; this will be the first big away-from-home con I've been to since AC, where I had just started on Weight Watchers and was just beginning to feel my way around the whole thing. So I'm more confident about my ability to pick things that will keep me from blowing my points, but travel is always a challenge. Restaurants don't really do "healthy" as a general rule, even ones that claim that as their specialty. The best you can do is be ruthless with portion control.

I'm also going to have to try to get in DailyBurn on the lappy in the hotel room, or get my activity points via tons of walking. But generally at a con, lack of exercise is not an issue.

Wish me luck! See you from the left coast.

-The Gneech
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  • Wed, 14:39: 25 hours ’til California. Taking deep breaths.
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  • Wed, 16:03: I need more friends who come around for dinner. Sirfox used to, but then he moved thousands of miles away. Da punk.
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Mysterious Beard


In California, about to collapse at 11:30 local time, which is 2:30 a.m. my time, after getting up at 4:00 a.m. my time. A bit on the tired side. ;) Also short on meals.

Planes, trains, and automobiles has been the theme for the day, and while I have gotten to see several people for a few minutes each, I've only been able to see a few of them for more than a brief hug and a hello. Many of my friends I used to see here have either stopped coming or have left us entirely; many of the ones remaining are having circumstances make it difficult or impossible for them to come. On top of this, my phone charger cable, which I made a very careful point of packing this morning, somehow didn't make the trip with me. :P A replacement cable was theoretically fetchable from Best Buy, some three miles up the road, but without a car, that might as well have been the one back at home, at least until morning.

And while I love graveyardgreg like a brother [1], and I was happy to follow him around a while and study his Extrovert Style, as my phone started to die and I faced the prospect of spending most of the weekend incommunicado and missing absent friends, I don't mind telling you I was getting glum. "If I was going to be lonely and stranded," the line of thought ran, "I could have done that at home without spending $700 for the privilege."

I had given up on the day and was heading back to my room to get some badly-needed sleep when sirfox texted to say that he was on the way, and bringing me a charger cable to boot. I won't go as far as to say that there were angels singing the "Hallelujah Chorus," but the hotel muzak certainly took on some Handelian qualities.

This in turn also had a touch of SNAFU as the charger cable in question turned out to have a close-but-no-cigar USB connector instead of a Lightning, but even this was mitigated by Josh and Candy very kindly driving me off to an all-hours Wal-Mart, where the correct cable was acquired and double-checked, and I was brought back to the hotel for crashery and phone-chargery.

So the good news is, I'm feeling much better, and intend to celebrate this by going to sleep. In the morning I shall track down my old pal the Starbucks up the street (just a few blocks away), and then my con will be ready to properly start.

Those who are late, get no fruit cup.

-The Gneech

PS: Gnite, world, and have an awesome tomorrow. :)

[1] Not one of mine, perhaps. But SOMEBODY's brother. [2]
[2] Just kidding, Greg. <3