April 3rd, 2015


My tweets

  • Thu, 14:31: What did his day-in day-out co-worker say when @invisiblewolf walked into the room? “There’s someone you don’t see every day.” #badumptish
  • Thu, 15:34: https://t.co/skDfQq6cUP
  • Thu, 16:41: Bleh. The whole damn world is falling apart.
  • Thu, 19:31: Well it’s been the longest 24 hours I’ve been through in a long time, but as far as we can tell, everything is set to go, finally.
  • Thu, 19:31: No actual documents are signed, so there’s always a chance some stupid thing could make it all blow up. But assuming it doesn’t!
  • Thu, 19:31: We might be moving on Saturday.
  • Thu, 19:35: I would like to thank all my friends, my real estate agent, the buyers, and God.
  • Thu, 19:37: RT @SarcasticRover: Just heard about 'Cards Against Humanity' and now I'm glad to know that me and cards have something in common.
  • Thu, 19:41: Tomorrow, we pack like motherhuggers.
  • Thu, 20:56: Aaaaand the universe gets one last swift kick in. Think I’m gonna curl up in a ball and weep now. But at least we’re (hopefully) done.
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