April 16th, 2015

Mysterious Beard

Weekly Weigh-In

282.5, down 0.2 lbs from last week, total loss 36.5 lbs, average 0.8 lbs/week. Given how close I've been on points all week, I'm amazed I lost at all. I assumed I was going to regain a pound at least.

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Mysterious Beard

Greetings From the Corner Office

I have the car today as I was off to see my heart specialist (good news: they were able to find it), and now I'm sitting at the window bench in Starbucks after having had a very nice lunch with laurie_robey, getting ready to try to actually get some writing done for the first time in two weeks. It is a beautiful warm sunny day and I spent the morning playing with my adorable cats, looking out the window at the cherry blossoms falling across the park, and receiving a phone call from the real estate agent this morning telling me that the mortgage holder reported the loan "paid in full for less than the loan amount" (which means our credit rating should now start regenerating hit points). I'm a little sleepy from having stayed up late two nights in a row hanging out with the #TwitterPonies and planning for a bit more of the same tonight.

In short, life is good. And I feel that it's very important, when you are in one of these moments, to stop and acknowledge it, and offer thanks to whatever cosmic forces that may have been involved and might be listening. And even if there aren't any of those, it's just good for the psyche. If today was a poker hand, it would easily be at least a full house.

So thanks, whatever cosmic forces may have been involved and might be listening. And thank you to all of my friends, family, and random internet peeps who have helped me get to this moment. You are all awesome, and I am very grateful. Love ya. :)

And now... to work!

-The Gneech