May 31st, 2015


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So, The Bad News

Home from FurThe'More, which was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I have a real problem, which is this:

I hardly sold anything.

I sold a few copies of the new comic, and a fair number of buttons on Saturday. But badges and sketches are how I make my money at cons, and I had two commissions, total, over the course of the whole weekend. I made back my expenses at this con, by virtue of having no travel expenses, and no hotel expenses. I paid for my table.

This is a real problem. -.-

It's not the fault of FurThe'More; sales have been drying up for the past few years now, and every other dealer I spoke to about it said their commissions were full. So obviously, people were buying art.

They just weren't buying any from me.

Obviously, I'm not happy about this. But more importantly, I need to figure out why, and correct it. People seemed interested in my work, and I received some complimentary comments about my artwork, but it never translated into sales. I haven't priced myself out of the market, at least I don't think I have. My prices have always been on the low-ish side of average, and I actually reduced them for this con on the grounds that it's a small con and I wanted to be competitive.

So... what am I doing wrong? I had a sign indicating that sketches were open... maybe I need I giant explodey "YES I TAKE COMMISSIONS" sign? I don't know.

Bleh. -.- I hope I can get it figured out before AnthroCon, seeing as how that's what, a month away?

-The Gneech