June 15th, 2015

Mysterious Beard

Coming to the Surface

Well that was a fun sprint to get issue three ready for AnthroCon. It seems that I really thrive under a tight deadline, assuming the deadline is for something I actually want to achieve. It gives me focus and keeps my brain from going down rabbit-holes. The downside is I stop doing things like exercising or going to bed at night, which is not healthy in the long run. So I need to find ways to balance that.

Anyway, now that issue three is off to the publisher, I'm going to take a week to clean out my commission queue and work on some other side projects (including prep for AC). Maybe I'll even have time to do some gaming prep again! Both my D&D game and my Ghostbusters campaign have been leaving passive-aggressive Post-It Notes on the refrigerator claiming they want custody of my dice after the divorce.

Once all that stuff is taken care of, it's going to be time to concentrate on Dungeons and Denizens, which has been kinda-sorta sitting in a folder not getting much done on it. My original plan was to draw SJ three days a week, draw DandD one day a week, and have the fifth day shift back and forth on various projects as needed, but experience suggests that plan is just not feasible. I need to focus on a single task and see it through, instead of splitting my attention. Otherwise I just feel like I'm grinding and never getting anywhere.

The hard part is going to be forcing myself to throttle back from sprint mode. I like sprint mode, and having permission to not bother with all the mundane crap of life. That's where I'm actually happy. But you just can't stay there. Laundry needs to be done. Bills need to be paid. People need to be said hello to.

Maybe I can sprint from 8:00-4:30?

-The Gneech

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