July 16th, 2015

Mysterious Beard

Because I Need Another Project

Strangely enough, this whole thing with laurie_robey's job situation has kinda-sorta made me want to double down on my creative projects. It makes a certain amount of sense, in that all the professional writers/creators I know tend to pump out a lot of content in a diverse set of types, but it's also completely irrational because I am Teh Slow and I'm already going nuts from having too much do to do as it is.

Nevertheless, I want to go ahead and write that sky pirates story. You remember the one, don't you? This one?

Tanya and Verity (New Comic Dev Pics) by the-gneech on DeviantArt

A lot of Verity and Tanya got channelled into Charity and Langley respectively, which was a deliberate move on my part, but the rest of that setting is still interesting to me and calling to be worked on. I have an outline for at least one novel starring those two, which I was thinking of trying to bang out for NaNoWriMo this year.

The burning question is, do I keep it in its original (furry) conception, or try to write it up as a more conventional (human-filled) fantasy novel and sell it to the mass market? There's nothing about the story that really calls for it to be full of furries, I just like them better than hooman beans.

In any case, it needs to get in line. My creative queue for the moment is:

  1. Clear the commission pool

  2. Draw Dungeons and Denizens

  3. Draw Issue Four

That should keep me busy well up to November. And if I do end up with a day job, that should keep me busy well up to 2016+. :P

-The Gneech

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